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Differential Geometry I:
Curves and surfaces

(Summer 2017)

Lectures Boris Springborn Mon 10–12 MA 750
Thu 10–12 MA 749
Tutorials Hanka Kouřimská Tue 8.30–10 MA 851
Wed 8.30–10 MA 851


The times for the tutorials may be changed to 10-12 if suitable rooms are found (the issue will be resolved at the beginning of the semester).
This website is still under construction. More information will follow towards the beginning of the new semester :)


We will study the concepts of curvatures for smooth one- and two-dimensional manifolds, that means, curves and surfaces.


Exercise sheets

Homework policy and exam information

  • To get a certificate for the tutorial and thus qualify to take the oral exam, you need to satisfactorily complete 60% of the homework assignments.
  • The exercises are to be handed in in groups of two or three people, depending on the totalo number of attendants.
  • The homework is due weekly, exact time will be specified.

Office Hours

Office hours Boris Springborn see homepage MA 871
Hanka Kouřimská TBA MA 863

Hana Kourimska . 06.02.2017.