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Student seminar Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics (Summer 2018)

  • The available topics will be presented at the introductory meeting on Tuesday April 24 at 14:15 in MA 874/875.
  • The assignment of topics will be on Wednesday May 2 at 14:15 in MA 874/875.

This is a block seminar. Each student has to give a 45 minute talk at the end of the semester. Each student has to attend at least 10 talks.


Alexander Bobenko

  • Spherical and hyperbolic conics [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Smooth polyhedral surfaces [arxiv] (M), slides of talk "Smoothness concepts for polyhedral surfaces" (Pottmann, April 2018)
  • A linear variational principle for Riemannian mappings and discrete conformality [arxiv] (M)
  • Holomorphic quadratic differentials on graphs and the chromatic polynomial [arxiv] (B,M)
  • The massive Laplacian on isoradial graphs [arxiv] (M)

Ulrich Pinkall

  • A reflectionless discrete perfectly matched layer [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Optimal cone singularities for conformal flattening [pdf] (B,M)
  • Discrete geodesic nets for modelling developable surfaces [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Developable surface flow [pdf] (B,M)
  • Variational surface cutting [pdf] (B,M)

Boris Springborn

  • Shapes of polyhedra and triangulations of the sphere, article by Thurston [arxiv], notes by Schwartz [arxiv], 1-2 talks (B,M)
  • Finite earthquakes and the associahedron [mathscinet], [pdf] (B,M)
  • Geodesic and horocyclic flows, article by Shapira [pdf], introduction to hyperbolic surfaces by Labourie [pdf], 1-2 talks (B,M)
  • An inequality for the volume of a tetrahedron [doi] (B)

John Sullivan

  • Gauss' linking number revisited [pdf] (B)
  • Random triangles and polygons in the plane [arxiv] (B,M)
  • Bubble clusters in 2D [] (M)

    Responsible professors

    Assistant: Felix Knöppel (knoeppel@math.tu-berlin.de)

    Previous semester: Winter 2017

    Felix Knoeppel . 26.04.2018.