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Student seminar Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics (Winter 2017)

  • The introductory meeting will take place on Tuesday October 24 at 14:00 in MA 874/875.
  • The assignment of topics will be on Monday October 30 at 16:00 in MA 874/875.
  • Please send a mail with your name and topic to knoeppel[at]math.

This is a block seminar. Each student has to give a 45 minute talk at the end of the semester. Further each student has to attend at least 10 talks.


Alexander Bobenko

  • Hyperbolic lines and circles [arxiv] (M) ← Carl Lutz
  • Massive Laplace operators [arxiv] (M)

Ulrich Pinkall

  • A Dirac operator for extrinsic shape analysis [pdf] ← Kai Henning
  • Branches of triangulated origami near the flat state [arxiv] (M) ← Nina Smeenk
  • Discrete geodesic nets for modeling developable surfaces [arxiv]
  • Visualizing Interstellar's wormhole [arxiv] (M) ← Martin Hanik

Boris Springborn

  • Lexell's theorem [article] "and references therein" ← Aikaterina Grylli
  • Distances in domino flip graphs [article] (M) ← Rebecca Hilt
  • Rhombic embeddings of planar quad-graphs [article] (M) ← Nicolas Felten
  • Rational approximation of irrational complex numbers[article](M) ← Laura Schumacher
    some background: [article] [arXiv]

John Sullivan

  • Acute sets [arxiv] (M) ← Noyan Alper Ugur
  • Gauss' linking number revisited [pdf]
  • Random triangles and polygons in the plane [arxiv] (M) ← Dennis Choy
  • The 12 spheres problem [arxiv] (M)

Yuri Suris

  • Introducing symplectic billiards [arxiv] (M) ← Felix Reith
  • The limit point of the pentagram map [arxiv] ← Lavinia Stollfuß
  • Statics and kinematics of frameworks in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry [arxiv] (M)
  • Periodicity and integrability for the cube recurrence [arxiv] (M)

All topics are suitable for a bachelor's thesis. Topics suitable for a master's thesis are marked with (M).

Responsible professors

Assistant: Felix Knöppel (knoeppel@math.tu-berlin.de)

Previous semester: Summer 2017

Felix Knoeppel . 15.11.2017.