Modellreduktion (Model Order Reduction) SS 2013


Lecturer: Lena Scholz  (Consultation hour: Tue 15-16 MA 463)

Lecture: Tue  10-12   in  MA 645

Thu  12-14   in  MA 142


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Topics of the lecture:

The modeling of  complex physical and technical processes often leads to systems of ordinary differential equations with several millions of  equations and variables. The numerical simulation, real-time and optimal control of such large-scale systems is very time-consuming and expensive due to high computing times and high memory requirements, and sometimes even impossible. The goal of model order reduction is to approximate highly dimensional systems with systems of smaller dimension. Hereby, crucial physical properties of the system should be preserved in the reduced order model, while simultaneously the approximation error should be small, and the methods should be stable and efficient.

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Impressum Lena Scholz 26.03.2013