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Mathematical Physics II: Mathematical Statistical Mechanics   (SS 2013)


Lectures   Prof. Yu.B. Suris Mon  12:15 - 13:45  MA 645
  Prof. Yu.B. Suris Wed  12:15 - 13:45  MA 744
Tutorial      Dr. M. Petrera Wed  10:15 - 11:45  MA 651

This is a course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in English.

Office hours

Name Office hours Room
Lectures    Prof. Yu.B. Suris    --------------------------------   MA 827
Tutorial      Dr. M. Petrera     Monday 12:00 - 14:00   MA 819


  • Principles of statistical mechanics, Elements of probability theory.

  • Gibbs measure, Partition function, Thermodynamic limit, Phase transitions, Asymptotic Gibbs measure.

  • Classical spin models, Curie-Weiss model, Ising model, Transfer matrix method, Star-triangle relation.



  • Tutorial 1 (24.04.13): Sigma algebras, probability spaces, entropy, exercises on probability.
  • Tutorial 2 (08.05.13): Boltzmann transport equation, Maxwell distribution, gas law, continuous and discrete systems.
  • Tutorial 3 (15.05.13): Gibbs ensembles, canonical ensemble, partition function, ideal gas.
  • Tutorial 4 (22.05.13): Thermodynamic limit, Van Hove interactions, stability of thermodynamics, correction of Ex. 3 WS2.
  • Tutorial 5 (29.05.13): One-dimensional Ising model (partition function, free energy), exercise on an arbitrary spin, correction of WS3.
  • Tutorial 6 (05.06.13): Gibbs ensembles for two-dimensional Ising-type models.
  • Tutorial 7 (12.06.13): Gibbs ensembles for two-dimensional Ising-type models, correction of Ex. 3 WS5.
  • Tutorial 8 (19.06.13): Exercises, correction of WS 6.
  • Tutorial 9 (26.06.13): Partition function of the two-dimensional Ising-Onsager model, exercises.
  • Tutorial 10 (03.07.13): Correction of WS 9.

Homework sheets

Homework policy

  • Homework assignments are due weekly at the beginning of the Wed. lecture (10:15). They have to be turned in directly to the lecturer. No homework will be accepted after the deadline has passed.

  • Homework assignments can be solved in groups of three people.

  • To get the Übungsschein, you need to satisfactorily complete 60% of the homework assignments.

Matteo Petrera . 29.06.2013