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Preprint 09-2006

A Featflow-Matlab Coupling for Flow Control: User Manual

Source file is available as :   Portable Document Format (PDF)

Author(s) : Dmitri Kuzmin , Michael Schmidt , Andriy Sokolov , Stefan Turek

Preprint series of the Institute of Mathematics, Technische Universität Berlin
Preprint 09-2006

MSC 2000

76-04 Explicit machine computation and programs

Abstract :
Active control of fluid flow is one of the major challenges in many key technologies, e.g. in chemical process engineering or aeronautics. In the development and testing of control concepts, it is essential to use, on the one hand, a powerful CFD package in order to simulate instationary flows efficiently. On the other hand, it is desirable to have a comfortable environment for the modeling of actuator and sensor concepts and the implementation of control laws. Therefore, a coupling between the CFD package Featflow and Matlab has been developed: The flow field is calculated by means of Featflow's Pp3d-Ke, a Navier-Stokes solver with k-eps turbulence model, and controls are calculated by means of Matlab. The coupling has been tested for an example, where the length of a recirculation bubble behind a backward facing step has been controlled by insufflation and suction at the edge of the step. This User Manual provides details about the practical implementation of the specific flow control problem, with the goal of facilitating the use of the Featflow-Matlab coupling for other control problems.

Keywords : Coupling, Featflow, Matlab, Control, CFD, backward facing step

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