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Preprint 30-2007

Linear Discrete-Time Descriptor Systems

Source file is available as :   Portable Document Format (PDF)

Author(s) : Tobias Brüll

Preprint series of the Institute of Mathematics, Technische Universität Berlin
Preprint 30-2007

MSC 2000

39A05 General
15A06 Linear equations

Abstract :
We consider linear discrete-time descriptor systems, i.e. systems of linear equations of the form $E_{k+1} x_{k+1} = A_k x_k + f_k$, where $E_k$ and $A_k$ are matrices, $f_k$ are vectors and $x_k$ are the vectors of the solution we are looking for. Analogously to the book "Differential-Algebraic Equations - Analysis and Numerical Solution" by V.Mehrmann and P.Kunkel the existence and uniqueness of solutions is first studied for the constant coefficient case, i.e. where $E_k = E$ and $A_k = A$ and then for the variable coefficient case. A strangeness index is defined for such systems.

Keywords : descriptor systems, strangeness index, linear discrete descriptor systems

Notes :
This is my Diplomathesis.

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