Network Flows

(ADM III), WS 09/10

LV-Nr.: 3236 L 246

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Network flows are among the most important problems studied in Combinatorial Optimization. Beyond the basic problems such as the Max Flow Problem and the Min Cost Flow Problem treated in introductory courses on Combinatorial Optimization (ADM I), there are numerous other variants of network flows that are interesting both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. In this course we give an overview of the entire area of network flows and treat some selected advanced network flow problems in more detail. Here are some examples:


In addition to the usual mathematical basics, good knowledge of linear and combinatorial optimization is required.

Content of lectures and suggested reading

In the following we give a short list of topics covered in each lecture together with pointers to the literature:




We recommend to have a look at some of the books in the following list once in a while:

Most of the books are available in the Mathematical Library.