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Schedule for the summer semester 2006

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
04/24/06 Tom Liebling, EPFL Lausanne
Grains and Triangulations
Johan Nilsson, University of Aarhus
The Order Dimension of Outerplanar Maps
05/08/06 Christian Scheideler, TU München
Random Processes for Robust Distributed Systems
Maike Buchin, FU Berlin
Computing the Frechet Distance between Simple Polygons
05/15/06 Günter Rote, FU Berlin
Minimum-Weight Triangulation is NP-hard
Kevin Buchin, FU Berlin
Acyclic Orientations of Drawings
05/22/06 Horst Hamacher, TU Kaiserslautern
Decomposition of integer into consecutive-1 matrices and applications
Heiko Schilling, TU Berlin
Length-Bounded Cuts and Flows
05/29/06 Fritz Eisenbrand, MPI Saarbrücken
The Stable Set Polytope of Quasi-Line Graphs
Oliver Klein, FU Berlin
On Reference Points and Applications
06/12/06 Angelika Steger, ETH Zürich
The Sparse Regularity Lemma and its Consequences for Random Graphs
Eric Fusy, Laboratoire d'Informatique (LIX)
Counting unrooted maps using tree-decomposition
06/19/06 Graham Brightwell, London School of Economics
Counting Unions of Combinatorial Structures
Clemens Huemer, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Gray Code Enumeration of Plane Straight-Line Graphs
06/26/06 Peter Sanders, Universität Karlsruhe
Algorithm Engineering - An Attempt at a Definition
Gregor Wünsch, TU Berlin
Reducing the Optimality Gap of Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases in Planar Grids
07/03/06 Günter Rote, FU Berlin
Proportional elections, network flows, and matrix scaling
Stephan Hell, TU Berlin
On the number of Tverberg partitions
07/17/06 Johannes Köbler, HU Berlin
On the Complexity of Graph Isomorphism and Related Problems
Christian Liebchen, TU Berlin
The Zoo of Tree Spanner Problems

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