Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Schedule for the winter semester 2008/2009

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
20.10.08 Oliver Riordan, Oxford
Sparse graphs: metrics and random models
Melanie Win Myint, TU Berlin
Bicycles and Left-Right Tours in Infinite Graphs
27.10.08 Tom McCormick, Vancouver
Monotone parametric min cut revisited: structures and algorithms
Maren Martens, ZIB Berlin
Separation, Dimension, and Facet Algorithms for Node Flow Polyhedra
03.11.08 Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv
Positional games
Holger Dell, HU Berlin
Exponential Time Complexity of the Permanent and the Tutte Polynomial
17.11.08 Benjamin Doerr, Saarbrücken
Modern Algorithmic Mathematics: Between Randomness and Determinism
Christian Haase, FU Berlin
Tropical Riemann-Roch, chip firing, and tropical polytopes
24.11.08 Rolf Möhring, TU Berlin
Timetabling and Robustness
Computing Good and Delay-Resistant Timetables
Christina Puhl, TU Berlin
Recoverable Robust Shortest Path Problems
01.12.08 Laurence Wolsey, Louvain-le-Newe
Valid Inequalities for General and Structured Mixed Integer Programs
Kati Wolter, ZIB Berlin
C-MIR Approach for Flow Cover Cuts
08.12.08 Gill Barequet, Dept of Computer Science, Technicon (Haifa)
Counting Polycubes
Darko Dimitrov, FU Berlin
Gray Codes Avoiding or Containing Given Matchings
15.12.08 Martin Grohe, HU Berlin
The Quest for a Logic Capturing PTIME
Bastian Laubner, HU Berlin
Rank Logics and Capturing Parity-L
12.01.09 Sam Payne, Stanford
Bidding games
Alan Stapledon, Univ. of Michigan
Inequalities and Ehrhart $\delta$-Vectors
19.01.09 Andreas S. Schulz, MIT Cambridge
Submodular Function Maximization
Wiebke Höhn, TU Berlin
Flowshop scheduling with respect to machine idle times
26.01.09 Günter Rote, FU Berlin
Sandpile Methods
Jens Schmidt, FU Berlin
A Simple and Certifying Test on the 3-Connectedness of Graphs
02.02.09 Mathias Schacht, HU Berlin
Regularity lemmas for graphs and hypergraphs
Han Hiep, HU Berlin
Weak pseudo-random hypergraphs
09.02.09 Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, University of Paderborn
Local Strategies for Maintaining Communication among Mobile Robots
Lichthof der TU Berlin 9.-27.2.09
Ausstellungseröffnung „Jüdische Mathematiker in der deutschsprachigen akademischen Kultur“

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