Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Schedule for the winter semester 2009-2010

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
19.10.09 Günter Rote, Berlin
Counting Polycubes
Fabian Stehn, Berlin
From Registrations to Non-uniform Geometric Matchings, a Geometric Problem with Neurosurgical Applications
26.10.09 Susanne Albers, Berlin
Energy-Efficient Algorithm
Holger Dell, Berlin
Satisfiability Allows No Nontrivial Sparsification Unless The Polynomial-Time Hierarchy Collapses
02.11.09 Anand Srivastav, Kiel
Bipartite Graph Matchings in the Semi-Streaming Model
Berit Grußien, Berlin
Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
09.11.09 Otfried Cheong, Korea
Isolated line transversals
Daria Schymura
Probabilistic Matching of $d$-dimensional Shapes under Euclidean Motions
16.11.09 Volkmar Welker, Marburg
Matrices of Generalized Inversion Numbers
Hans Raj Tiwary, Berlin
Vertex Enumeration via Linear Programming?
anschließend Sitzung
23.11.09 Tibor Szabó, Berlin
On minimal Ramsey graphs
Lena Schlipf
Computing the discrete Frechet distance with imprecise input
30.11.09 Angelika Steger, Zürich
On Boltzmann samplers and properties of combinatorial structures
Tobias Harks, Berlin
Stackelberg Routing in Arbitrary Networks
07.12.09 Frank Vallentin, Delft
Semidefinite programs with rank constraints
Rade Živaljevic, Belgrade
Chessboard complexes indomitable
14.12.09 Jiri Matoušek, Prag
Stair-convexity and lower bounds for weak epsilon-nets
Torsten Ueckerdt, Berlin
Enumerating All: alpha-Orientations of Planar Graphs and Downsets of Posets
11.01.10 Peter Bürgisser, Paderborn
On a Problem Posed by Steve Smale
Bastian Laubner, Berlin
Capturing Polynomial Time on Interval Graphs
anschließend Sitzung
18.01.10 Rainer E. Burkard, Graz
Inverse center location problems
Christian Knauer, Berlin
The curse of dimensionality (somewhat) explained
25.01.10 Peter Gruber, Wien
Lattice Packing and Covering
Martin Henk, Magdeburg
Expected Frobenius Numbers
01.02.10 Statusworkshop
08.02.10 Martin Aigner, Berlin
From Irrational Numbers to Matchings: Markov´s Uniqueness Problem
Bernd Schulze, Berlin
The orbit rigidity matrix of a symmetric framework

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