Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Schedule for the summer semester 2009

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
20.04.09 Stefan Felsner, TU Berlin
Sampling from Distributive Lattices - The Markov Chain Approach
Antonios Varvitsiotis, Athen
Counting the number of embeddings of minimally rigid graphs
27.04.09 Leslie Goldberg, Liverpool
A Complexity Dichotomy for Hypergraph Partition Functions
Marc Thurley, HU Berlin
SAT Solvers and Width-Bounded Resolution
04.05.09 Janos Pach, Lausanne-New York
Conflict-free colorings of graphs and hypergraphs
Daniel Werner, Berlin
Fixed-parameter tractability and lower bounds for stabbing problems
Janina Müttel, Berlin
On the Generalized Girth of Cycle Powers
11.05.09 Sandi Klavzar, Ljubljana
Isometric dimension, lattice dimension, and Fibonacci dimension of a graph
Mareike Massow, Berlin
Linear Extension Diameter of Distributive Lattices

18.05.09 Margaret Bayer, Kansas
Flag Vectors of Polytopes - An Overview
Cesar Ceballos, Utrecht
The system of permutations of a fine mixed subdivision of a simplex
25.05.09 Artur Czumaj, Warwick
Sublinear-time algorithms
Florian Pfender, Rostock
Irregular labelings of graphs
08.06.09 Berthold Vöcking, Aachen
Oblivious Interference Scheduling
Max Klimm, Berlin
Characterizing the Existence of Potential Functions in Weighted Congestion Games
Michael Payne, Berlin
Unit distance graphs with ambiguous chromatic number
15.06.09 Johannes Blömer, Paderborn
Clustering for Metric and Non-Metric Distance Measure
Lei Zhang, City University of New York
Methods to invert the geometric distortions induced by a book scanner
22.06.09 Reinhard Diestel, Hamburg
Ends, earrings, and limits of free groups
Siamak Tazari, HU Berlin
On Brambles, Grid-Like Minors, and Parameterized Intractability of Monadic Second Order Logic
anschließend Sitzung
29.06.09 Tom Trotter, Atlanta
Segment Orders
Mike Steel, Canterbury New Zealand
Tree reconstruction and other combinatorial aspects of evolution
06.07.09 Vic Reiner, Minneapolis
The diameter question for galleries in hyperplane arrangements
Assaf Naor, New York
Towards a calculus for non-linear spectral gaps
13.07.09 Stefan Funke, Greifswald
Shortest Paths on Road Networks


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