Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Schedule for the winter semester 2010-2011

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
25.10.10 Martin Grötschel, Berlin
How to solve a linear program?
Gerald Gamrath, Berlin
State-of-the-art MIP solving with SCIP
01.11.10 Torben Hagerup, Augsburg
Minimum Spanning Trees: Verification and Randomized Construction
Agelos Georgakopoulos, Graz
Planar Cayley graphs
08.11.10 Jens Vygen, Bonn
Faster resource sharing in theory and practice
Tobias Müller, Amsterdam
Hamilton cycles in random geometric graphs
15.11.10 Lászlo Szekely, Columbia
Lovasz Local Lemma - a new tool for asymptotic enumeration?
Eva Czabarka, Columbia
Multi-part Sperner systems
22.11.10 Michael Kaufmann, Tübingen
On MST-embeddings of trees in the plane
Rik Sarkar, Berlin
Ricci Flow in Sensor Networks : Applications in Routing and Distributed Storage
29.11.10 Helmut Alt, Berlin
Parallel Algorithms for Geometric Problems
Milos Stojakovic, Novi Sad
Consistent digital line segments
06.12.10 Joel Spencer, New York
Discrete Percolation
Will Perkins, New York
The Bohman-Frieze Process
13.12.10 Giovanni Rinaldi, Rom
Polyhedral vs. SDP Methods for Max-Cut
Timo Berthold, Berlin
Undercover - a primal heuristic for MINLP based on sub-MIPs generated by set covering
03.01.11 Jiri Sgall, Prag
Frequency Allocation in Bipartite Graphs
Wolfgang Mulzer, Berlin
Triangulating the Square and Squaring the Triangle
10.01.11 Gabor Tardos, Budapest
Epsilon-nets for geometric range spaces
Roman Glebov, Berlin
Conflict-free coloring of graphs
17.01.11 Britta Peis, Magdeburg
Integer linear programs with submodular structure
Jens Schmidt, Berlin
Structure and Constructions of 3-Connected Graphs
24.01.11 Frank Lutz, Berlin
Discretization of Manifolds
Dmitry Shabanov, Moskau
Van der Waerden number and colorings of hypergraphs
31.01.11 Volker Kaibel, Magdeburg
Projections in Combinatorial Optimization
Andreas Wiese, Berlin
Scheduling on unrelated machines: limits of LP-approaches
(joint work with Jose Verschae)
07.02.11 Dániel Marx, Berlin
Important separators and parameterized algorithms
Kai-Simon Goetzmann, Berlin
Multicriteria Optimization and Compromise Solutions
14.02.11 Günter Ziegler, Berlin
On low-dimensional faces that high-dimensional polytopes must have

Oliver Friedmann, München
Exponential lower bounds for determined game policy iteration and linear program simplex methods

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