Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule for the summer semester 2011

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
18.04.11 André Schulz
Grid Embeddings of 3D Polytopes
02.05.10 Dan Halperin, Tel Aviv
Engineering Motion Algorithms: A Tale of Two Cultures
DFG SPP Algorithm Engineering
09.05.11 Rob van Stee, Saarbrücken
Truthful approximations for maximizing the minimum load
Piotr Sankowski, Warsaw
Min st-cut oracle for planar graphs with near-linear preprocessing time
16.05.11 Martin Grohe, Berlin
Excluding Topological Subgraphs
Max Klimm, Berlin
Optimal File Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Networks
23.05.11 John Lee, Watson Research Center (Yorktown)
Submodular-function maximization
Daniel Werner, Berlin
A Proof of the Oja Depth Conjecture in the Plane
30.05.11 David Williamson, Cornell
The Subtour LP for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Tobias Harks, Berlin
Scalable Cost-Sharing in Resource Allocation Games
06.06.11 Daniel Král, Prag
Algorithms for testing FOL properties
Karim Adiprasito, Berlin
Triangulations of spaces fulfilling curvature bounds
20.06.11 Colin McDiarmid, Oxford
Graphs with few disjoint cycles or t-star minors
Valentas Kurauskas, Vilnius
Random graphs with few disjoint excluded minors
27.06.11 Benny Sudakov, Los Angeles
Extremal Graph Theory and its applications
Roman Glebov, Berlin
On Extremal Hypergraphs for Hamiltonian Cycles
04.07.11 Uri Zwick, Tel Aviv
Subexponential lower bounds for randomized pivoting rules for the simplex algorithm
Nabil Mustafa, Lausanne
Combinatorial Data-Depth of Pointsets
11.07.11 Andreas S. Schulz, Cambridge (USA)
On the rank of cutting-plane proof systems
Berit Grußien, Berlin
Isoperimetric Inequalities on Hexagonal Grids

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