Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule winter 2012-2013

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
22.10.12 Günter Ziegler, Berlin
New proofs for THE BOOK
Günter Rote, Berlin
Most general position
29.10.12 Peter Rossmanith, Aachen
Solving MSO-definable Graph Problems Efficiently
Berit Grußien, Berlin
Capturing Polynomial Time on Chordal Comparability Graphs
05.11.12 Tibor Szabó, Berlin
Construction and applications of (k,d)-trees
José Soto, Berlin
Matroid Secretary Problems: Free Order Model and Laminar Case
12.11.12 Bernard Chazelle, Princeton
The Surprising Dynamics of Influence Systems
Balazs Keszegh, Budapest
Non-crossing covering paths for planar point sets
19.11.12 Nikhil Bansal, Eindhoven
Counting the number of matroids
Karim Adiprasito, Berlin
Many high-dimensional polytopes with small realization spaces
26.11.12 Ulrich Faigle, Köln
Discrete Markov Systems
Martin Groß, Berlin
Approximation of network flow over time problems
03.12.12 Martin Henk, Magdeburg
Successive minima inequalities
Hao Chen, Berlin
Distance geometry for kissing spheres
10.12.12 Stefan Kratsch, Berlin
Parameterized complexity results for treewidth
Kostas Stavropoulos, Berlin
Relating the minor-minimal obstructions for Vertex Cover and Feedback Vertex Set
17.12.12 Gerhard Woeginger, Eindhoven
Optimization at the second level
Max Klimm, Berlin
The equilibrium existence problem in congestion games
07.01.13 Michael Joswig, Darmstadt
Highly Symmetric Integer Linear Programs
Katharina Jochemko, Berlin
Arithmetic of marked order polytopes and monotone triangle reciprocity
14.01.13 Yoshi Kohayakawa, São Paulo
Problems and results in probabilistic additive combinatorics
Lothar Narins, Berlin
Extremal 3-Graphs for Ryser's Conjecture
21.01.13 Andreas Schulz, Cambridge (MA)
Breaking public-key cryptosystems with inventory management
Mohsen Rezapour, Berlin
Approximation algorithms for connected facility location with buy-at-bulk edge costs
28.01.13 Achill Schürmann, Rostock
Exploiting Polyhedral Symmetries
Dennis Clemens, Berlin
Fast strategies in Maker-Breaker games
04.02.13 Günter Rote, Berlin
Algorithms for isotonic regression
Rafel Jaume, Berlin
The finest regular coarsening of a polyhedral subdivision
11.02.13 Lecture 1:
Ferran Hurtardo, Barcelona
A generalization of convexity built on stabbing lines
Lecture 2:
Peter Bürgisser, Paderborn
Arithmetic circuits: challenges and new developments

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