Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule for the summer semester 2013

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
15.04.13 Thomas Erlebach, Leicester
Computing with Uncertainty
Pascal Lenzner, Berlin
Greedy Selfish Network Creation
22.04.13 Martin Grohe, Aachen
The Graph Isomorphism Problem
- - Faculty meeting - -
29.04.13 Volker Kaibel, Magdeburg
Which Matrices are Slack Matrices of Polytopes?
Yann Disser, Berlin
Knapsack with Unknown Capacity
06.05.13 Bernd Gärtner, Zürich
The Linear Complementarity Problem: An Advertisement
Andrei Asinowski, Berlin
The "even part" of Baxter permutations
13.05.13 Matthias Kriesell, Ilmenau
On the Structure of Graphs of Minimum Degree at least 4
Kaie Kubjas, Berlin
Ehrhart polynomials, group-based models and Berenstein-Zelevinsky triangles
27.05.13 Gil Kalai, Jerusalem
Advances and Challenges in the combinatorial study of convex polytopes and related structures
Karim Adiprasito, Berlin
Equifacets and Equifaces of convex polytopes
03.06.13 Jean Cardinal, Brüssel
Covering Decomposition and Geometric Hypergraph Coloring
Oliver Cooley, Graz
Finding Large Planar Subgraphs
10.06.13 Vijay Vazirani, Atlanta
New (Practical) Complementary Pivot Algorithms for Market Equilibria
Sebastian Stiller, Berlin
Feasibility tests for sporadic real-time tasks as directed acyclic graphs
17.06.13 Helmut Alt, Berlin
Stacking and Packing of Geometric Objects
Peter Allen, London
A sparse blow-up lemma
24.06.13 Lecture 1:
Nati Linial, Jerusalem
A combinatorial and probabilistic perspective of simplicial complexes
Lecture 2:
Petter Brändén
Multivariate Eulerian polynomials and Exclusion processes
01.07.12 Jesus De Loera, Davis (USA)
Recent advances in the geometry of linear programming
Arnau Padrol, Berlin
Many neighborly polytopes and Delaunay triangulations
08.07.12 Volkmar Welker, Marburg
Polytopal, combinatorial and algebraic aspects of statistical ranking models
Jean-Philippe Labbé, Berlin
Higher-Dimensional Kaleidoscopes

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