Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule winter 2015/16

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
19.10.15 Michael Joswig, Berlin
Smooth Fano Polytopes With Many Vertices
Fatemeh Mohammadi, Berlin
The geometry and combinatorics of syzygies: divisor theory of graphs and system reliability theory
26.10.15 Tim Netzer, Dresden
Free Convexity
Alexander Engström, Aalto
Graph colouring and the total Betti number
02.11.15 Arnau Padrol, Paris
Scribability problems for polytopes
Kevin Schewior, Berlin
An O(log m)-Competitive Algorithm for Online Machine Minimization
09.11.15 Alex Fink, London
Matroids over rings
Aaron Bernstein, New York
Fully Dynamic Matching with a Small Approximation Ratio -- Faster and Deterministic
16.11.15 Diane Maclagen, Warwick
Valuated matroids in tropical geometry
Carlos Amendola, Berlin
Mixtures of Gaussians
23.11.15 József Balogh, Illinois
On some problems of Cameron and Erdős in additive combinatorics
Tuan Tran, Berlin
Bootstrap percolation in the hypercube
30.11.15 Tim Römer, Osnabrück
Commutative Algebra up to Symmetry
Matthias Henze, Berlin
On dual Minkowski-inequalities via covering minima
07.12.15 Gerhard Woeginger, Eindhoven
Tractable special cases of QAP and TSP
Lauri Loiskekoski, Berlin
A graph of a simple polytope without small separators
14.12.15 Benjamin Nill, Magdeburg
Ehrhart theory - quo vadis?
Tillmann Miltzow, Budapest
Peeling the Cactus or how to count Triangulations in subexponential time
04.01.16 Joachim Giesen, Jena
Parameterized Optimization Problems in Machine Learning
Shay Moran, Haifa
Sample compression schemes for VC classes
11.01.16 Jochen Koenemann, Waterloo
Network Bargaining - Where Bargaining & Matching Theory Meet
Laura Gellert, Ulm
Edge colouring and treewidth
18.01.16 Jens Marklof (FRS), Bristol
Emerging applications of homogeneous flows: From discrete mathematics to statistical physics
Sören Berg, Berlin
Lattice points in centered convex bodies
25.01.16 Tom Trotter, Atlanta
Dimension for Posets and Structural Graph Theory
Gwenaël Joret
Dimension of planar posets
01.02.16 Dietrich Kuske, Ilmenau
Hamiltonian paths and similar problems for automatic graphs
Christoph Berkholz, Berlin
How not to solve graph isomorphism
08.02.16 Jan Draisma, Amsterdam
Noetherianity up to symmetry
Jan Hackfeld, Berlin
Undirected Graph Exploration with Θ(log log n) Pebbles

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