Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule summer 2015

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
20.04.2015 Stefan Felsner, Berlin
Contact Representations of Planar Graphs - [SLIDES]
Romanos Malikiosis, Berlin
Full spark Gabor Frames in Finite Dimensions
27.04.2015 Reinhard Diestel, Hamburg
Unifying duality theorems for width parameters in graphs and matroids
Gennadiy Averkov, Magdeburg
Integrally maximal lattice-free polyhedra
04.05.2015 Leen Stougie, Amsterdam
A decomposition theory for vertex enumeration of convex polyhedra
Lin Chen, Berlin
An O(m2 log m)-Competitive Algorithm for Online Machine Minimization
11.05.2015 Tobias Friedrich, Potsdam
Distributed Processes on Scale-Free Networks
Fidaa Abed, Berlin
Optimal Coordination Mechanisms for Multi-Job Scheduling Games
18.05.2015 Imre Leader, Cambridge
Partition Regular Equations
Pierre Lairez, Berlin
Binomial sums
01.06.2015 Robert Weismantel, Zürich
Optimization of nonlinear functions over lattice points in convex or polyhedral sets
Iskander Aliev, Cardiff
Lattice points in knapsack polyhedra and k-Frobenius numbers
08.06.2015 Jean Cardinal, Bruxelles
General Position Subsets and Incidence Bounds
Barbara Langfeld, Kiel
On homometry and direct sum decompositions of lattice convex sets
15.06.2015 Marc Noy, Barcelona
Logic limit laws in combinatorics
Ágnes Cseh, Berlin
Popular matchings
22.06.2015 Bernd Sturmfels, Berkeley
Rational Design of Antibiotic Treatment Plans
Jan Hofmann, Berlin
Convex-normal (pairs of) polytopes
29.06.2015 Alexander Barvinok, Michigan
Integer points in polyhedra

- - - cancelled - - -
06.07.2015 Greg Blekherman, Atlanta
Convex geometry of nonnegative polynomials
Philip Brinkmann, Berlin
The first example of a sphere with a flag vector that is not the flag vector of a polytope
13.07.2015 Markus Schweighofer, Konstanz
Inclusion of spectrahedra, free spectrahedra and coin tossing
Thomas Kahle, Magdeburg
Plethysm and lattice point counting

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