Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Term schedule summer 2016

Date Lecture 14 c.t. Colloquium 16 s.t. Location
25.04.2016 Dhruv Mubayi, Chicago
(Lecture 1)
New developments in Ramsey theory
Leen Stougie, Amsterdam
(Lecture 2)
Minimizing maximum and average makespan scheduling over scenarios: a study of complexity changes due to scenarios
02.05.2016 Mihał Pilipczuk, Warsaw
Bidimensionality and beyond: the story of parameterized algorithms on planar graphs
Sebastian Siebertz, Berlin
Game Characterisations of Bounded Expansion and Nowhere Dense Classes of Graphs
09.05.2016 Oleg Pikhurko, Warwick
Measurable Banach-Tarski via Augmenting Paths
Codruţ Grosu, Berlin
Quasirandom Cayley graphs (Doctoral defense)
23.05.2016 Friedrich Eisenbrand, Lausanne
Max-sum diversity via convex programming
Bartosz Walczak, Kraków
Coloring geometric intersection graphs and related problems
30.05.2016 Günter Ziegler, Berlin
Polytopes -- My Top 10 List of Examples
Moritz Schmitt, Berlin
On the number of space groups
06.06.2016 Martin Dietzfelbinger, Ilmenau
Quicksort with two or more pivots: Optimal strategy, exact analysis
Thibault Manneville, Palaiseau
Compatibility fans realizing graph associahedra
13.06.2016 Mohamed Barakat, Siegen
How to implement a category on the computer and why?
Simon Hampe, Berlin
The intersection ring of matroids
20.06.2016 Otfried Cheong, KAIST, Südkorea
The Number of Holes in the Union of Translates of a Convex Set in Three Dimensions
Heuna Kim, Berlin
Shadows of a Closed Curve and Spheres (Doctoral defense)
27.06.2016 Tibor Szabó, Berlin
On the complexity of Ryser's Conjecture
Thomas Kesselheim, Saarbrücken
Online Packing Problems in the Random-Order Model
04.07.2016 George Mertzios (Durham)
Algorithms and Complexity on Temporal Graphs
André Nichterlein (Durham)
Parameterized Algorithms: Only for NP-hard Problems?
11.07.2016 Kurt Mehlhorn, Saarbrücken
The slime mold Physarum can compute shortest paths and construct nice network
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