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Graduiertenkolleg: Methods for Discrete Structures

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Block Courses


Block courses are part of the study program. They consist of lectures and exercises and should give a deeper insight into special fields of research. The courses are open not only to scholarship holders within the graduate program but to all graduate students interested and are counted as regular courses within several curricula of the universities of Berlin.



Schools bring together three or four researchers from related fields to lecture about their specialities. Usually lectures are enhanced by exercises which are to be solved in small learning groups.

Workshops / Seminars


Workshops are possible either to feature a `hot topic' or as annual status workshop of the program.

Predoc Courses


These are study programs for PhD students and students preparing to enter a PhD program in Discrete Mathematics or in Computer Science (in a broad sense). Predoc courses are designed for students of the Berlin Universities as well as for participants from other places.