Polynomials and Polytopes

TU Berlin, Germany, June 10, 2017


This is a workshop within the project on NonLinear Algebra that is funded for 2015-2018 by the Einstein Foundation. The workshop is also supported by the TU Berlin, the MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, and the Emmy Noether Programm of the DFG.

Venue is the room MA 144 at the Department of Mathematics of the TU Berlin.



If you are planning to attend this workshop, please register by sending an e-mail to Antje Schulz (aschulz@math.tu-berlin.de). Please use the word 'Registration' in the subject line of your E-mail. For logistic information please scroll down to the bottom of this page.


09:00-09:30 Registration and Welcome
09:30-10:10 Simone Naldi
TU Dortmund / Limoges University
Hyperbolic polynomials, cones and multiplicities
10:15-10:55 Philipp di Dio
Leipzig University
The Multi-Dimensional Truncated Moment Problem: Connections to Polytopes, Polynomials, and Waring Rank
10:55-14:00 Lunch or Highlights of Algorithms
14:00-14:40 Timo de Wolff
TU Berlin
A New Approach to Nonnegativity and Polynomial Optimization
14:45-15:25 Madeline Brandt
UC Berkeley
From Polynomials to Metric Graphs
15:25-16:00 Coffee + Tea
16:00-16:40 Taylor Brysiewicz
Texas A&M University
Newton Polytopes via Numerical Algebraic Geometry
16:45-17:25 Alperen Ergur
TU Berlin
Locating Roots of Sparse Exponential Sums via Discrete Geometry
17:30-18:10 Rainer Sinn
MPI Leipzig
Non-negative Polynomials, Sums of Squares, and Projective Geometry
around 18:30 Dinner
List of participants
Local Information

We have reserved a contingent of 10 rooms at the Novum Style Hotel Berlin-Centrum, Franklinstr. 23, 10587 Berlin. You have to book and pay by yourself using the this form to get the discount.

You can reach the hotel from the central station with the bus number 245 (it takes about 15 minutes). You can use the same bus to reach Ernst-Reuter-Platz close to the math department of TU Berlin.


The support by the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged.

Einstein Foundation