F-vector computation for the Dressian Dr(3,8)

Simon Hampe, Michael Joswig and Benjamin Schröter

In the paper Algorithms for Tight Spans and Tropical Linear Spaces we computed tropical linear spaces for interior rays of all cones in the Dressian Dr(3,8). The paper only contains the f-vectors for the maximal cones. Here we provide the data for all cones.

See also the data on Dr(3,8) from the paper Dressians, Tropical Grassmannians, and Their Rays by Sven Herrmann, Michael Joswig and David Speyer.


We provide the following lists of files, all compressed as tar.gz-files:

The first is basically a copy of the data already provided at this page. It contains a file all_rays.data with coordinates for the rays. The ndim_cones.data files contain representatives for each cone orbit in dimension n. The file maxdim_cones.data contains representatives of the maximal cones, i.e. all 9-dimensional and the inclusion-maximal 8-dimensional cones. Ray indices in all the cone files refer to all_rays.data.

The second archive contains the f-vectors. There is a file for each dimension, as well as for the maximal cones. F-vectors appear in the same order as the corresponding cones. For every cone, there is a pair of f-vectors: The total f-vector of the corresponding linear space and the f-vector of the bounded part.

The last file contains the actual linear spaces, again sorted by dimension and in the same order as the corresponding cones.

Note that all these files are polymake files. They can be loaded into polymake with the load_data command (or load in the case of the linear spaces).

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