Infos Konvexgeometrie (Seminar)

Vorbesprechung:  Dienstag, 14.04.2015, 16-18, MA549

Inhalt: Themenvorschläge: (under construction….)

  • Minkowski’s characterization  of the surface area (measure) of a polytope (convex body), see, e.g.,  paper
  • The subspace concentration condition for polytopes, see, e.g., paper
  • Hadwiger’s characterization of the intrinsic volumes (Quermaßintegrals), see, e.g., paper
  • Hyperplane sections of the n-dimensional cube, see, e.g., paper
  • Zerlegungen und Bewertungen von Gitterpolytopen, see, e.g., paper
  • A proof of the lower bound conjecture for convex polytopes, see, e.g., paper
  • Remarks on mixed discriminants and volumes, see, e.g., paper 
  • On some vector balancing problems, see, e.g., paper_1, paper_2