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Geometry II: Discrete Differential Geometry
(Summer 2007)

Lectures Alexander Bobenko Tue 14:15-15:45 MA 848
Thur 14:15-15:45 MA 848
Tutorial Boris Springborn Mon 14:15-15:45 MA 848

Discrete differential geometry is an active mathematical terrain where differential geometry and discrete geometry meet and interact. Discrete differential geometry aims at the development and application of discrete equivalents of the geometric notions and methods of differential geometry. The latter appears then as a limit of refinements of the discretization. Polyhedral surfaces are one of the main topics of this course. Current progress in this field is to a large extent stimulated by its relevance for computer graphics.

This is an advanced course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in English.


Polyhedral surfaces, intelligent (property preserving) discretizations, variational methods, discrete surfaces with constant curvature, orthogonal nets, integrable systems.

Requirements for passing

Achieve a total of at least 50% of the possible marks in the weekly homework exercises.

Exercise sheets

Boris Springborn . 19.04.2007.