Mathematical Visualization SS07 Technical University Berlin

Assignment 2

Theme: Introduction to (jReality) scene graphs

Part 1. Programming project

In this part of the assignment, you'll find out how to use Eclipse to check out a project, one that you'll use for the duration of the semester.

To check out the CVS project, read here.

Once we've sucessfully checked out this project, the assignment is as follows:

  • In the Package Explorer, select and with the right mouse (context menu) select "Run As...->Java Application". You should get a window with a 3D graphics display. Play with it, explore the various sub-panels, etc.
  • Study the source code for this demo by opening it in the editor (double-click on the name in the Package Explorer).
  • JavaDoc for jReality is available on-line here. You are encouraged to use it; constructive criticism welcomed.
  • In the source code you'll see that the 8 copies of the geometry that are displayed, are produced by 8 different transformations created simply as translations (MatrixBuilder.euclidean().translate(...) ).
  • Edit the source code to replace these 8 translations by a finite set of other transformations which can include rotations, reflections, translations, etc. See JavaDoc for MatrixBuilder class. Ideal would be a finite group of transformations.
  • Edit the code to revise the SceneGraphComponent named copy, which is replicated by the various transformations, to included other geometry (instead of an icosahedron) or other geometries.
  • Edit the appearances used in the "inner loop" in some way, to increase your proficiency with using Appearance's.
  • Once you're satisfied with your efforts, create a new package named mathvisss07.yourlastname (where yourlastname naturally depends on Your Last Name e.g., gunn).
  • Copy the edited java file into this new package -- you can leave it with the same name, as long as it is in a different package.
  • Check the results into cvs
    • Open CVS Repository view by using context menu in Package Explorer, "Team... ->Synchronize with Repository".
    • Using right mouse, select "Commit..."
    • Add a comment and click "OK"
  • Due May 2, 14 Uhr.

Part 2. Mathematics

From this exercise sheet, do Problem 2, Quaternions.