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Mathematische Visualisierung II (Sommer 2010)

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Practice 2 (jReality: Plugins, Persistenz, Polygon Editor, Geometry)

Update: check out subversion repositories

Last Übung we had some problem with the first checkout. So if there are any problems, feel free to ask me.
  • For checking out our practice-svn use following url: "svn+ssh://fzt-017.math.tu-berlin.de/net/MathVis/Lehre/MathVisSS10" (at the terminal-room you could use "file:///" url, too, but this would not be possible from your home). Instead of "fzt-017" you could use any other computer at the math institute.
  • user: your uni-account
  • password: your password

Homework: Plugin-System (submission: 06.05)

  • Check following jReality tutorials: Plugins getting started, Add an inspector for a factory and Add a slider for some parameter.
  • Create an new package <Surname><Name>.ueb02 and copy the tutorials from the jReality-folder "src-turorial/de/jreality/tutorial/gui" at the new package. The inspector panel uses the Inspector from the jTEM-Project beans. That means, you have to include the jar-archive to your build-path. The shortest way is to enable at the build-path of jReality at "Order and Export" the checkbox for "beans.jar". should look like that

    At the BeanInspektorExample you should change the shown function and reduce the properties, which were shown at the Inspector. Implement for both examples storeStates(Controller c) and restoreStates(Controller c). To change the properties you have to call at the Controller c the functions storeProperty() and getProperty(). Deliver a filename <Vorname><Name>Properties.xml to the viewer, so that the the properties could be saved. Please check in that file too. (For more info look at the jReality Wiki)
  • Look at the jReality-tutorial Polygon Editor. Inherit from de.jreality.tutorial.util.polygon.DragPointSet and change it, that the Polygon stays at the plane. (override the method transform()).

Homework: Geometry: create a polygon (ngon) (submission: 06.05)

Andre Heydt . 30.04.2010.