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Complex Analysis (Summer 2012)

Lectures Alexander Bobenko Mo 10-12 MA 313
Tu 10-12 MA 313
Tutorial Charles Gunn Wed 12-14 MA 851
Tutorial Felix Knöppel Thu 14-16 MA 848

This is a course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in English or deutsch (depending on the audience).


Analysis of one complex variable: holomorphic functions, Möbius transformations, Cauchy's integral theorem, analytical continuation, residues, partial fraction decomposition, Riemann mapping theorem


  • 10.04.12 As noted in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis, the lectures and tutorials will begin the week of 16.04.12.
  • 24.04.12 Charles Gunn will not hold office hours on 30.04.2012
  • 08.05.12 4th exercise sheet corrected
  • 15.05.12 Info Mail concerning Himmelfahrt sent. Who hasn't received any, please contact me.
  • 01.06.12 The tutorial on 7. June will be held by Charles Gunn.
  • 18.06.12 The tutorial on 27. June will be held by Felix Knöppel..
  • 20.06.12 Exercise sheet 10 has been corrected (10 am). If you have already downloaded it, please update to the new version.
  • 22.06.12 Exercise sheet 10 has been corrected once more.
  • 06.07.12 The certificates can be picked up in Mrs Janik's office during the office hours.

Homework policy

  • To get a certificate for the tutorial, you need to satisfactorily complete 50% of the homework assignments.
  • Homeworks are due at the beginning of the weekly tutorial meeting. Late homeworks accepted only with medical excuse.
  • 18.06.12 There will be 11 exercise sheets for this course; the last one will be distributed during the week of 27-28.06.12


  • For those who already got complete 50% of the homework we offer examinations on 05.07.12 from 10-12 am and 2-6 pm. For an exact appointment please contact Mrs. Janik during her office hours.
  • The next exams shall be at the start of the next semester.

Exercise sheets


Also see book collection ("apparat") for this course in the Mathematical Library on the first floor.
  • Skript (Bobenko)
  • Skript (Ferus)
  • Ahlfors: Complex Analysis.
  • Lang: Complex Analysis.
  • Jänich: Einführung in die Funktionentheorie.
  • Needham: Visual Complex Analysis (also translated as: Anschauliche Funktionentheorie.)

Office hours

Alexander Bobenko Tue 14-15 MA 881
Charles Gunn Mon 13-14 MA 884
Felix Knöppel Mon 14-15 MA 882

Felix Knöppel . 06.07.2012.