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Differential Geometry III:
Geometric Knot Theory

(Summer 2016)

Lectures John M. Sullivan Tue 10-12 MA 850
Thu 10-12 MA 850

This is an advanced course of the Berlin Mathematical School and will be held in English.


Here are the slides from today's lecture.
No lecture Tuesday 19 July; instead I recommend the minisymposium Geometric Curvature Energies, 9:00-11:00 in H2033, which is part of 7ECM.
Exams for this course are available 25–27 July
On 30 June there will be a special guest lecture by Myf Evans; there is no lecture on 28 June.
Oral exams for last semester's courses will be offered on 20 May, 3 June and 10 June.
The lecture on 10 May will be 10:00–11:00
Lectures start on Monday 8.4.


Geometric knot theory studies the relationship between the geometry of a simple closed curve in space and the topological knot type that it represents. This course will cover various topics including the following: curves of finite total curvature, the Fáry/Milnor theorem, knot energies and conformal geometry of knots, Gromov's distortion, and tight knots and their ropelength.

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Office hours

Thursdays, 13:30–14:30, MA 802
(see homepage for exceptions)
Prof. Sullivan . 22.05.2017.