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Complex Analysis I (SoSe 18)



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Complex Analysis I - Funktionentheorie

(Summer 2018)


Lectures Ulrike Bücking Mon 12–14 MA 141
Thur 12–14 MA 141
Tutorials Hanka Kouřimská Mon 14–16 (auf Deutsch) MA 851
Mon 16–18 (in English) MA 851


The following paper gives a few examples of a pointwise limit of holomorphic functions that is not holomorphic: On the Pointwise Limit of Complex Analytic Functions
Sheet 11 has been updated - some small typos and a part of Exercise 3 have been removed.
Sheet 11 is the last sheet of this course!
There will be no office hours of Ulrike the next Wednesday, June 20. Instead, you are welcome to come by on Tuesday, June 19, at 12.
The examination dates are available! Check below for more details :)
As aproved by the present students, the second tutorial will from now on start at 4 pm sharp, and end correspondingly at 5.30 pm, so that we can all go home sooner :)

Also note that next Monday, 21.5., is national holiday (the last national holiday in this semester), and thus all classes on that day are canceled.
This is a BMS course and will be held in English. One of the tutorials will be held in German, and the homework sheets can be handed in in German as well. The tutorials will start in the second lecture week, on Monday 23.4.


Schein - The homework certificate

  • In order to obtain the homework certificate you must collect at least 60% of the points from the homework sheets.
  • You can hand in the homework sheets in groups of two or three on Monday before your tutorial. Your hand-ins have to be STAPLED TOGETHER and contain names and matriculation numbers of all members of the group. We strongly reccommend you to hand in the homework in readable writing, since unreadable writing will not be corrected ;)
  • The hand-in date will be specified on each homework sheet.

Examination dates

The oral examinations will take place on the following dates:
  • Wednesday, 18.7.
  • Wednesday, 15.8.
  • Thursday, 30.8.
  • Wednesday, 19.9.
  • Thursday, 20.9.
  • Monday, 24.9.
In order to be allowed to the examination you need to have collected at least 60% of the points on the homework sheets. However, you can get a date for the exam even before completion. Please stop by personally or send an email to our secretary Ms. Kati Gabler:

Email: gabler@math.tu-berlin.de
Tel: +49 30 314 29273
Office: MA 873


Consultation hours

Ulrike Bücking Wed 12-13 MA 864
Hanka Kouřimská by appointment MA 863

Hana Kourimska . 11.09.2018.