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Differential Geometry III:
The Symmetries of Things

(Summer 2020)

Lectures John M. Sullivan Mon 10-12 MA 750
Tue 10-12 MA 841

This is an advanced course of the Berlin Mathematical School and will be held in English.


For technical reasons, this webpage has been replaced by an official TU webpage within ISIS. If you are interested in the course, please sign up in ISIS. (BMS students who are registered at FU or HU can contact Annika in the BMS office to get access to the TU system.)
The lecture notes and videos for the first week will be delayed.
Of course, this course will be held online, starting the week of 20 April. The exact form of instruction is yet to be determined.
Lectures start on Tuesday 14.4.


This class will study the symmetries of real-world objects – including the crystallographic groups – from a mathematical point of view. One source will be the book "The Symmetries of Things" by Conway, Burgiel and Goodman-Strauss. This Advanced Course of the BMS is offered in conjuction with the MATH+ Thematic Einstein Semester on the "Geometric and Topological Structure of Materials".

Literature (more to be added later)

  • John H. Conway, Heidi Burgiel, Chaim Goodman-Strass, The Symmetries of Things, A.K. Peters, 2008.
  • John H. Conway, Derek A. Smith, On Quaternions and Octonions, A.K. Peters, 2003.

Office hours

Tuesdays, 13:00–14:00, MA 802
Via email or online chat.
Prof. Sullivan . 19.04.2020.