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Complex Analysis I.

(Summer 2020)

Lectures Yuri B. Suris
Tutorials Max Krause

This is a basic course of the Berlin Mathematical School and will be held in English.


For technical reasons, the main platform for this course will be located at ISIS (TU Information System for Instructors and Students). If you are interested in the course, please sign up in ISIS. All materials will be provided via this site. BMS students who are registered at FU or HU can contact Annika in the BMS office to get access to the TU system. If you are not a BMS student, are not enrolled at TU and do not have an ISIS account, please contact us per E-Mail: Yuri B. Suris and Max Krause .


Analysis of functions of one complex variable: holomorphic functions, Möbius transformations, power series, Cauchy's integral theorem, zeros and singularities, meromorphic functions, Laurent series, analytic continuation, residues, Riemann mapping theorem.

Homework policy

  • To get a certificate for the tutorial, you need to satisfactorily complete 50% of the homework assignments.
  • The exercises are to be solved in groups of two people.
  • Hand-ins are to be submitted online via the ISIS learning platform. Please submit clearly readable pdf files.
  • The homeworks are due weekly on Monday at noon.


  • A. Bobenko, lecture notes
  • D. Ferus, lecture notes
  • Jänich, Funktionentheorie. Eine Einführung.
  • Ahlfors, Complex Analysis.
  • Lang, Complex Analysis.
  • Needham, Visual Complex Analysis (also translated as: Anschauliche Funktionentheorie.)

Office hours

Via email or online chat.
Yuri B. Suris . 19.04.2020.