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Winter Semester 2006/07

Lectures Alexander Bobenko Mo 8:30-10:00 MA 144
Mo 12:15-13:45 MA 141
Tutorial A Ivan Izmestiev Mi 10:15-11:45 MA 848
Tutorial B Boris Springborn Do 12:15-13:45 MA 848

This is a course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in English (unless all students speak German and everybody prefers the course in German).


[26 Jan 07]
Someone alerted us of a bad mistake in Exercise 2 on Sheet 11. Thanks! A corrected version of Sheet 11 is now online.
[15 Jan 07]
There will be no lecture on Monday, Jan 22, at 8:30. (The lecture at 12:15 will take place.)


Projective geometry, quadrics, incidence theorems, affine geometry, non-euclidean geometries, spherical and hyperbolic geometries, Möbius geometry, Lie geometry.


Geometry II (Discrete Differential Geometry) in the summer semester 2007.

Requirements for passing

Achieve a total of at least 50% of the possible marks in the weekly homework exercises.

Exercise sheets



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Boris Springborn . 26.01.2007.