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Geometry I:
Analytic and Projective Geometry

(Winter 2008)

Lecture Alexander Bobenko Mon 12-16 MA 650
Tutorial A Emanuel Huhnen-Venedey Wed 10-12 MA 848
Tutorial B Thu 12-14 MA 851

This is a course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in English.


Please pick up your Übungschein at Frau Grub's office, MA 8-3.


Euclidean and non-euclidean geometry: spherical, hyperbolic, projective, Möbius, and Lie geometry. The continuation is Geometry II: Discrete Differential Geometry.

Exercise sheets

Geometry Java Applets

Homework policy

To get a certificate for the tutorial, you need to satisfactorily complete 50% of the homework assignments.


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  • Nigel Hitchin's lecture notes on Projective Geometry.
  • Felix Klein. Vorlesungen über höhere Geometrie. Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften, 22. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1968.
  • Wilhelm Blaschke. Projektive Geometrie. Birkhäuser, Basel, 1954.
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  • H. S. M. Coxeter. Non-Euclidean Geometry. Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, 1998.

Office Hours

Office hours Alexander Bobenko Tuesday 14-15 MA 886
Emanuel Huhnen-Venedey Make Appt. MA 875

Emanuel Huhnen-Venedey . 16.02.2009.