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Vorlesungen Prof. Dr. Ulrich Pinkall Di 14-16 MA 313
Do 14-16 MA 313
Übung Charles Gunn Mi 14-16 MA 313

  • The course will introduce students to using methods of real time physics in mathematical visualization.
  • Knowledge of Java is a prerequisite for participating in the Übung. Assignments will consist of project-oriented ''labs'' in which students will be led through the practical skills required for the production of the final project.
Assignment 1 [16.10.08]
Assignment 2 [21.10.08]
Assignment 3 [28.10.08]
Assignment 4 [26.11.08]
Student Projects:

Here are a selection of the completed student projects for the semester.

Elastic domain

This project from Marius Schwalbe simulates a stretched membrane surface using two approaches:

As a mesh of elastic triangles

Linear approximation of a spring system (Force density method).

Particle-based fluid

This project from Ivan Taranin simulates the Navier-Stokes equations. In order to obtain real-time performance, the fluid is simulated as a collection of overlapping particles.

Reference: here.

Shallow water waves

This project from Liu Mohan simulates shallow water waves.

Reference: Chapter 11 of the course notes referenced below.

  • The assistant is American and may use English when writing; however, he will try to speak German as much as you can bear.
  • Due dates for homework assignments are sharp: no extensions will be given without a medical excuse.
Sprechstunden Pinkall TBA MA 301
Gunn TBA MA 319

Charles Gunn . 27.05.2009.