This is a BMS basic course taught in English. The course syllabus is available here.

Lecture times and rooms

LectureMon, 8:30 − 10:00MA 313Prof. John M. Sullivan
Mon, 10:15 − 11:45MA 313Prof. John M. Sullivan
ExercisesWed, 14:15 − 15:45MA 313Florian Frick
TutorialsTue, 10:15 − 11:45MA 545Sören Berg
Thu, 14:15 − 15:45MA 848Sören Berg

There will be no tutorials in the week February 2 − February 6.
The office hours on Monday, February 2 are cancelled.
There will be an exercise class on Wednesday, February 4 as usual.

Contact information and office hours

Prof. John M. SullivanMA
Florian FrickMA 801frick@math.tu-berlin.deMon, 13:30 − 14:30 (MA 807)
Sören BergMA 403berg@math.tu-berlin.deThu, 12:00 − 13:30

Midterm Exam

Instead of getting 15 points or more on the midterm, you only have to get 50% of the points
on homework plus midterm, where the midterm is worth as much as three homework sheets, that is, 60 points.

Midterm exam

Practice test

Practice test


1. Homework sheet
2. Homework sheet
3. Homework sheet
4. Homework sheet
5. Homework sheet
6. Homework sheet
7. Homework sheet
8. Homework sheet
9. Homework sheet
10. Homework sheet
11. Homework sheet
12. Homework sheet
13. Homework sheet


Our primary textbook will be Allen Hatcher, Algebraic Topology, Cambridge University Press
available online here.