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Complex Analysis II (Winter 2015/2016)

Lectures Alexander Bobenko Mon 12-14 MA 850
Tue 12-14
MA 850
Tutorials Jan Techter Wed 10-12 MA 749
Thu 14-16 MA 742


Elliptic functions, Conformal mapping, Analytic theory of differential equations

This is a course of the Berlin Mathematical School held in english or deutsch (depending on the audience).


There will be no tutorial on February 10.
The last tutorial will be on February 11.
Exams can be taken on February 18.
Another date will be in April.
The last exercise sheet is online (number 12).
The total number of regular points is 235.
No tutorials on January 13 and 14.
Exercise Sheet 10 is therefore due January 21.
You can obtain 30 points on this sheet, 10 of which are bonus.
New office of Jan Techter is MA883.
Correction Sheet 7, Exercise 3: Some squares are missing:
The differential equations in (i) and (ii) are supposed to read $\dot{v}^2 = \dots$ and $\dot{u}^2 = \dots$ as you have already seen in the tutorial.
Correction Sheet 6, Exercise 1:
The function $\mu:U_2 \rightarrow U_1$ is not necessarily biholomorphic, but in general only holomorphic.
The differential you are supposed to consider in Sheet 6, Exercise 2 (i) is $\frac{d\lambda}{\mu}$.
Correction Sheet 4, Exercise 3 (v):
It has to be $\Gamma_0[2] = \Gamma[2] \cup \Gamma[2]\cdot T_1$.
You got the points for detecting the error in this case.
Correction in equation (3) of Exercise Sheet 5.
No lecture on Monday, November 23.
Note on Exercise Sheet 02 Exercise 4: Of course $f$ is supposed to be holomorphic away from singularities.
You may hand in Exercise 4 of Exercise Sheet 02 one week later, together with Exercise Sheet 03.
Slight correction on Exercise Sheet 01, Exercise 3 (ii) and (iii), making them a bit more precise:
It is now stated that there are no more poles than the previously given ones.
The Thusday tutorial is now at 14-16 in room MA742.
First lecture on Monday, October 12.
No lecture on Tuesday, October 13.
First tutorials in the second week.

Exercise sheets

Homework policy

  • The exercises are to be solved in groups of two people.
  • The exercise sheets will usually be online on Tuesdays.
    They are to be handed in at the beginning of the tutorial, one week later.
  • To get a certificate for the tutorial, you need to satisfactorily complete 50% of the homework assignments.


  • Hurwitz and Courant. Funktionentheorie.
    This book is not in copyright anymore and can be viewed here.
    It contains the following book (which was reprinted by Springer) as a chapter.
  • Hurwitz. Vorlesungen über allgemeine Funktionentheorie und elliptische Funktionen.
  • Fischer and Lieb. Funktionentheorie.
  • Ahlfors, Complex Analysis.
  • Whittaker and Watson. A course of modern analysis.
  • Golubew. Vorlesungen über Differentialgleichungen im Komplexen.
  • Ince. Ordinary differential equations.

Office hours

Alexander Bobenko Thu 13-14 MA 881
Jan Techter Mon 14-15 MA 883

Jan Techter . 09.02.2016.