This is a BMS basic course taught in English.

Lecture times and rooms

LectureMon 10:15–13:45
 (with breaks)
MA 141Prof. John M. Sullivan
Tutorials   Thu 10:15–11:45
or Fri 10:15–11:45
MA 651
MA 850
Max Krause

Course topics

  1. Point-set topology: basic definitions, theorems, and examples
  2. Covering spaces and the fundamental group: group actions, deck transformations, classification and existence of covering spaces, van Kampen theorem
  3. Homology: Hurewicz theorem, Eilenberg–Steenrod axioms, simplicial and singular homology, fixed point theorems

Course work

There will be weekly homework assignments, to be done in groups of two, and handed in before the tutorials (i.e., Thursday or Friday at 10).

Criteria to obtain a Schein: 50% of the homework points and successful completion of a midterm test. There will be a final oral exam. The homework, midterm and final exam may be completed in either German or English.


We have made more dates available for oral exams. Please check the link below if you need to schedule one. Remember that you need to register for the oral exam at least one week prior to taking it.

Oral final exams will be offered Feb. 19 and 21, and Apr. 2 and 4.

Contact information and office hours

Prof. John M. SullivanMA 802sullivan@math.tu-berlin.deTue 13 - 14
Max KrauseMA 804krause@math.tu-berlin.deWed 13 - 15

Midterm Exam

The midterm exam will take place on Monday, December 10, from 10:15 - 11:45 in room MA 042. Please be there 15 minutes early. There will be a lecture from 12:15 - 13:45 that day in the usual room MA 141.

You may bring a single DIN A4 (or smaller) sheet of paper with handwritten notes on both sides to the exam.

Note: The threshold for passing has been altered to 40% of the total points. If your result does not appear on the list, please contact Max.

Practice test

Practice test


Homework sheet 1
Homework sheet 2
Homework sheet 3
Homework sheet 4
Homework sheet 5
Homework sheet 6
Homework sheet 7
Homework sheet 8
Homework sheet 9
Homework sheet 10
Homework sheet 11
Homework sheet 12
Homework sheet 13


Our primary textbook will be Allen Hatcher, Algebraic Topology, Cambridge University Press
available online here.

Additional textbooks include: