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Geometry III (Winter 2021/2022)

Discrete differential geometry: Discrete confocal quadrics and related topics

We study (smooth and discrete) confocal quadrics and the corresponding confocal coordinate systems. Focussing on this basic example we discuss (smooth and discrete) orthogonal coordinate systems, special parametrizations on surfaces, elliptic fuctions and possibly some of the following related topics: classification of pencils of quadrics, parametrization of quadric intersection curves by elliptic functions, checkerboard incircular nets.

This is an advanced course of the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) and will be held in English.

Lectures Jan Techter Tue 12-14 online
Wed 12-14 online

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Lecture Notes

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[2021, October 25]
Zoom link for Tuesdays: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/62532060765?pwd=UUtNdG8waHBLNUdQUW44YWtzWjFsdz09
Zoom link for Wednesdays: https://tu-berlin.zoom.us/j/64250003173?pwd=TzBsdlBVQ0hwOS9FcUQvb255THNydz09
[2021, October 19]
The first lecture will be on Tuesday, October 26.
[2021, October 18]
First organisational meeting on Tuesday, October 19, 12:15 on jitsi:
Backup zoom link:
[2021, September 23]
The course will probably be an online course.
We will decide on the exact format and the actual dates of the lectures at the first online meeting on Tuesday, October 19.
If you are interested in this course please write a mail.
In particular let me know if you can't make it to the first meeting.

Jan Techter . 28.10.2021.