Workshop in Berlin, 3-6 June 2005
"Geometry and Integrability"

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The workshop is a part of the European project "Methods of Integrable Systems, Geometry, Applied Mathematics" (MISGAM), and takes place at the Harnack-Haus in Berlin at June 3-6 in 2005. The workshop is also partially supported by the DFG Research Group Polyhedral Surfaces.

The main goal of the workshop will be to explore geometrical foundations of integrability and integrable structures in geometry. European researchers are actively involved in the study of these problems, and the workshop will unify efforts in the research on this exciting project. Topics will include:


Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin)
Boris Dubrovin(SISSA, Trieste)
Nigel Hitchin (Oxford University)

Organizing committee:

Yuri Suris (TU München)
Kevin Bauer (TU Berlin)
Ulrike Scheerer (TU Berlin)
Emanuel Huhnen-Venedey (TU Berlin)

Invited speakers:

Fran Burstall (University of Bath)
Oleg Chalykh (University of Leeds)
Adam Doliwa (TU Berlin)
Josef Dorfmeister (TU München)
Eugene Ferapontov (Loughborough University)
Frederic Helein (Paris VII)
Claus Hertling (University of Mannheim)
Udo Hertrich-Jeromin (University of Bath)
Tim Hoffmann (LMU München)
Andrew Hone (University of Kent at Canterbury)
Jens Hoppe (KTH Stockholm)
Spyridon Kamvissis (MPI Leipzig)
Igor Krichever (Columbia University)
Christian Mercat (Universite Montpellier II)
Franz Pedit (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Ulrich Pinkall (TU Berlin)
Nikolai Reshetikhin (University of California, Berkeley)
Pascal Romon (Universite de Marne-la-Vallee)
Martin Schmidt (University of Mannheim)
Fedor Smirnov (Paris VI)
Alexander Veselov (University of Loughborough)


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