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Project F12: Fast algorithms for fluids

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Head: Ulrich Pinkall
Members: Steffen Weißmann


Real time smoke simulation: Our approach to smoke simulation is based on the theory of interacting polygonal vortex filaments. In this project we extend the underlying physical model and develop a hierarchical scheme to reduce the complexity of the algorithm. We extend the method to include vorticity generation from buoyancy and we develop a model for the two-way coupling between fluid and obstacles.

Shape interpolation: We study the problem of finding a geodesic in shape space of certain objects (surfaces, volumes...) between two given points. One approach is to view the geodesic as the flow of an infinitely viscous fluid that deforms the initial shape into the final shape. An intermediate state of the flow can be obtained by minimizing a weighted sum of elastic bending energies. This works best with volumes. For surfaces we study another approach using a modification of Willmore flow that is able to connect two given surfaces.


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