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Project F8: Discrete differential geometry and kinematics in architectural design

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Head Alexander I. Bobenko Wolfgang K. Schief
Members Kristoffer Josefsson


In architecture, it is common to use glass and metal panels in the fabrication of two-dimensional structures such as roofs or domes. The construction of movable structures constitutes an important stream in modern architecture. This project develops the theory of finite deformations of polyhedral surfaces with a view to real applications in architectural design. In particular, we analyse deformations of polyhedral surfaces which are composed of planar quadrilaterals in order to meet the structural, economic and aesthetic requirements of modern architecture.

Publications & Preprints

Schief, W.K. and Bobenko, A.I. and Hoffmann, T. On the Integrability of Infinitesimal and Finite Deformations of Polyhedral Surfaces. Discrete Differential Geometry Oberwolfach Seminars Vol. 38 (2008). Birkhauser.
Pottmann, H. and Liu, Y. and Wallner, J. and Bobenko, A. and Wang, W. Geometry of multi-layer freeform structures for architecture. International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques archive ACM SIGGRAPH (2007). ACM Press.

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