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The most advanced technology in Mathematical Visualization uses devices to immerse a person into a virtual environment where he can interact with the objects in his simulation. A virtual reality cube with three walls (three by three meters) in full stereo and with head tracking is currently under construction in the visualization group at the TU Berlin.

Another method (under development in the visualization group at the TU Berlin) to create immersive environments for scientific investigations is to use the (in many cases freely available) graphics engines and scene editors of current computer games. No special hardware is needed in this case and one can build on widespread skills to navigate and operate within such environments, which makes this approach idealy suited also for the teaching of mathematics.

Far CryTM levels

At the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2005" we presented surfaces in 3D in a virtual environment. The presentation was implemented as a level of the computer game Far CryTM. Any one who has Far CryTM installed may download the level and walk by himself through the environment.

Installation instructions:

  1. Unpack the archive to your Far Cry installation folder.
  2. Start a new FFA multiplayer game from the main menu and select the map mp_geometry
  3. Have fun

Screenshots of the Far CryTM levels

FarCry0001 FarCry0002 FarCry0003 FarCry0004 FarCry0005 FarCry0006

Videos (avi mpeg4) of the Far CryTM levels

FarCry_1 FarCry_2 FarCry_3 FarCry_4 FarCry_5 FarCry_6

Older Screenshots of some of our virtual environments (no mods available)

four.jpg He2.jpg wente.jpg tetranoid.jpg



Technical Hints (german)

Ulrich Pinkall . 31.01.2006.