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The ellipticFunctions package provides a library for elliptic functions.

Some of the most famous mathematicions of the 18th-century, like Abel, Gauss, Jacobi, or Weierstrass, contributed to this subject and opend a complete new field in mathematics.

We compute all elliptic functions in terms of Jacobi's theta functions, which are implemented as static functions in Elliptic.

Jacobi is devoted to the Jacobi's elliptic functions: sn, cn, and dn. It also includes utillity functions to compute back and forth between the different descriptions of the modulus.

An implementation for the different elliptic functions of Weierstrass, will be added soon.

All the functions have a convient and an numerical efficient front-end. Compare for example sn(Complex,Complex) and sn(Complex,Complex,Complex[],Complex).

Markus Schmies, Dec. 2003

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