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The jgimmick package provides useful swing gadgets: a jog wheel and a timer control panel.
  • Joggle - A swing component (with an own Model-View-Architecture) drawing a wheel you can drag or even "jog". Get impressed by the following screenshot:
  • TimerControlPanel - A component presenting a kind of controller-template. It's possible to define your own Actions beside running a Timer forward, backward or stopping a Timer. The timer-controlling GUI looks like this:
    with standard icons with icons from sun.com
  • SpinnerTimerControl - A swing component using the TimerControlPanel component to control a javax.swing.JSpinner's value by a Timer and certain Actions.
    with standard icons with icons from sun.com


Further more this library provides a set of Icons for player-controling and navigating gui-elements (also used by the TimerControlPanel, see screenshots above). On the one hand there are classes, drawing geometric Icons (e.g.: jgimmick.icon.ArrowIcon), on the other hand there are .gif-files from the Java look and feel Graphics Repository, from the Media-Section. These files are also saved in the icon-package:

  •  jgimmick/icon/Play16.gif
  •  jgimmick/icon/Stop16.gif
  •  jgimmick/icon/Pause16.gif
  •  jgimmick/icon/PlayBackward16.gif

In a java-class you can acces these files by reflection, for example:

ImageIcon metalPlay;
Class classInPackageIcon=SquareIcon.class; //or any other class of jgimmick.icon
metalPlay=new ImageIcon(classInPackageIcon.getResource("Play16.gif"));

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