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mfc provides mathematical foundation classes, e.g., complex numbers, polynomials, 2x2-matrices, fractional linear transformations, quaternions.

Internally, all data is adminstered with primitive data types for performance reasons. Externally, all classes offer a great deal of functionality and convenience.

The general convention for all classes is the following:

Operations can be performed using two sets of methods. To multiply, for example, two instances A and B of a class, you may either call

C = A.times(B)   or   C.assignTimes(A,B)

to store the result in C. In the first case, a new instance is created, in the latter this is avoided.

All operations follow this convention, and data types mix:

To multiply and instance A with a double d

A = A.times(d)   or   A.assignTimes(d)

Entries can be accessed using set- and get-methods and various data types.

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