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Planar vortex flow


Start the java web start application.

In this lab one may investigate the planar vortex flow.

Some suggestions for experiments:

Random configurations:
  • press the play button
  • press "e", scale or move the image by dragging with middle or left mouse to follow the moving vortices
  • press the "Reset" button to start with a new configuration
Specific configurations:
  • choose the number of vortices by changing the number labled "control points" and "e" to encompass the image around the vortices
  • move vortices by dragging with the right mouse
  • select vortices with left mouse click
  • use the slider at the bottom to change the vorticity of the selected vortices
  • use the "flip" button to only change the sign of the vorticity of the select vortices
  • use the "zero" button to get some particles with zero vorticity
  • choose 4 vortices and scale the whole plane by dragging with the middle mouse on the background so that the plane is roughly 8 times as large as the distance of the vortices
  • move the 4 vortices to the upper right corner (dragging the background with left mouse)
  • select all 4 vertices and change the vorticity (slider at the bottom) to a positiv value so that the diameter of the vortices equals their distance
  • deselect (left mouse click) the 2 lower right vortices and press the "flip" button, so that the 2 upper left vortices have negative vorticity
  • press play (here is a small mpeg (1.6MiB) movie or animated gif (2MiB) )
Lab author: Ulrich Pinkall
Paul Peters . 12.10.2011.