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Virtual Math Labs and Java Web Start

Our Virtual Math Labs are Java Web Start applications. If you click on the screenshot, the application is downloaded into your local Java Web Start cash and started. You can restart the cashed application using Java Web Start. This also works offline. If you start the application while online, Java Web Start looks for newer versions of the application and libraries and downloads them if necessary and uses them the next time you start the application.


If the application does not start, check the following:
  • Do you have the java run time environment (version 1.5 or higher) installed on your system?
  • Is Java Web Start installed on your system? (Windows: Look for a file javaws.exe using the search function of the Windows Explorer; Linux: Look for an executable file called javaws using 'locate javaws' or 'find /usr -name javaws'.)
  • If your browser asks what to do with a .jnlp file, use the default application or explicitly instruct your browser to use javaws.exe (Windows) or javaws (Linux).

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Paul Peters . 08.07.2009.