Discrete Differential Geometry

Oberwolfach Conference: 6 - 10 March 2006

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach


Alexander I. Bobenko, John M. Sullivan, Günter M. Ziegler
Technische Universität Berlin

Richard Kenyon
University of British Columbia
Photo Of The Participants



9:00-9:10: Welcome
9:15-10:15: Yuri Suris
Discrete Differential Geometry: Consistency as Integrability
10:40-11:20: Boris Springborn
Circle Patterns: Theory and Practice
11:40-12:20: Jean-Marc Schlenker
Circle Patterns on Singular Surfaces
15:40-16:20: Wolfgang Kühnel
Discrete Models of Isoparametric Families in Spheres
16:40-17:20: Vladimir Matveev
Polyhedral Three-Manifolds with Nonnegative Curvature
17:40-18:20: Max Wardetzky
Algebraic Topology from Finite Elements


9:00-10:00: Ivan Izmestiev
Alexandrov Theorem, Weighted Delaunay Triangulations and Mixed Volumes
10:30-11:10: Yves Colin de Verdière
A Spectral Invariant for Graphs
11:30-12:10: Robert Connelly
Stress Matrices and M Matrices
16:00-16:40: Wolfgang Schief
The Consistency Approach: Application to the Discrete Differential Geometry of plated membranes in equilibrium
17:00-17:40: Tim Hoffmann
S-CMC Surfaces
17:50-18:20: Sergei Tsarev
Surface Curvature Lines and Circle Patterns


9:00-10:00: Feng Luo
Some Applications of the Cosine Law
10:30-11:10: David Glickenstein
Discrete Curvature Flows and Laplacians
11:30-12:10: Charles Radin
Symmetry in Densest Packings
19:30-: Problem Session


9:00-9:40: Ulrich Pinkall
Discrete Differential Geometry of Polygons and the Simulation of Fluid Flow
9:50-10:30: Günter Rote
Piecewise Linear Morse Theory
11:00-11:40: Ivan Dynnikov
Towards a Fast Algorithm for Recognizing the Unknot
11:50-12:20: Ulrich Brehm
Linear versus PL Embeddability of Simplicial Complexes
15:40-16:20: Denis Zorin
Convergence of Discrete Curvature-Based Energy Minimization
16:30-17:10: Udo Hertrich-Jeromin
Discrete CMC Nets in Space-Forms
17:20-17:50: Frank Lutz
Triangulated Surfaces and Higher-Dimensional Manifolds
18:00-18:30: Lars Schewe
Nonrealizability of Triangulated Surfaces


9:00-9:40: Kenneth Stephenson
Discrete Conformal Structures
9:50-10:30: Christian Mercat
Discrete Holomorphic Functions and Quasiconformal Maps
11:00-11:40: Walter Whiteley
Some Observations from Rigidity Theory
11:50-12:20: Johannes Wallner
Quadrilateral and Conical Meshes
14:00-14:40: Michael Joswig
An Approach to Combinatorial Holonomy
14:50-15:50: Peter Schröder
Smooth Discrete Differential 1-Forms via Subdivision
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