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jReality jReality

jReality is a Java class library for interactive 3D visualization on a wide variety of platforms. It supports a variety of output forms: software-only rendering, OpenGL rendering, immersive virtual reality (as in CAVETM's) rendering; as well as file formats like PixarTM's RenderMan® and SVG. For a more detailed description of jReality features, see here.

jtem jTEM

jTEM is a collection of mostly mathematical tools and algorithms implemented in Java. The libraries include a wide range from complex numbers to theta-functions, basic linear algebra and adaptive ODE solvers.

JavaView JavaView

JavaView is a 3D geometry viewer and a mathematical visualization software. The web-integration allows display of 3D geometries and interactive geometry experiments in any HTML document on the internet. JavaView also runs as application on local computers from a Unix or Dos command prompt. The open API of JavaView enables a smooth integration as 3D viewer and advanced visualization toolkit into commercial software like Mathematica and Maple.

Oorange Oorange

Oorange is a development environment that was initially designed for experimental mathematics but has become a general Java programming tool. It's main feature is its interactive programming, also known as rapid prototyping. It also fits into component oriented development. It's key features are:

  • Navigation through runtime classes and loadable resources
  • Graphically editing of object interactions and dependencies
  • Introspection of Runtime attributes of all objects including browsing through associated objects
  • Free editing of actions by choosing from a list of suggested methods or using any Java language construct you want
  • Inspecting and modifying of runtime objects directly with JavaSource-like syntax using a BeanShell-Terminal


JDvi JDvi

jDvi is a dvi file viewer written in java. At the moment jDvi comes in three flavours:

JDvi - the application
A dvi file viewer that can be used much like any other dvi file viewer.

JDviApplet - the applet
An applet that makes it possible to show dvifiles in webpages.

JDviViewerPanel - the component
A java panel that can be used in any java application to show dvi files.

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