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ViewerVR User Manual: Contents

Many of the features of the ViewerVR application are controlled via several Control Panels, which can be found on the left hand side of the viewer. The GUI is a little bit non-standard, so we explain the basics:

Shrink Panels

All the Control Panels are Shrink Panels, meaning they can be shrinked/unshrinked in vertical direction by clicking on their top. The different shrink panels are just stacked on top of each others (in a Shrink Slot), so the lower slots may vanish below the window border. It is possible to scroll the whole content of the shrink slot up and down using the mouse wheel or by dragging the GUI background with the mouse:

In one of the application slots othe left, right, top or bottom of the application

Besides the left shrink slot, there are also slots at the right, top and bottom. These can be enabled in the Windows menu. Then one can also drag a shrink panel to another shrink slot.

Shrink Panels can be dragged out of their slot, that opens them in an individual frame. Closing the frame lets the shrink panel flip back to its previous position in the shrink slot:

As separate windows. In order not to get lost, this window will always stay on top. This mode has the disadvantage that it requires to draw attention away from the 3D scene and therefore reduces the sense of being immersed in the scene.

In jReality it is also possible to immerse the Control Panels into the 3D scene. The immersed Shrink Slot is opened when double-clicking on the bottom. This is important in 3D Stereo mode and in immersive environments:

Inside the 3D-scene. All buttons and checkboxes are controlled as usual by left-clicking on them, sliders are dragged as familiar.
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